Friday, June 1, 2012

plain and simple...

so, here's the many things do we say we want to do....*eventually*...*someday*......*when timing is right* ............etc etc etc.??

...and how many things do we *actually* do?...eventually....someday....when the timing is right??

let's talk about time just the short amount of time i have eliminated just *one* thing (facebook) that didn't seemingly take up a lot of time, but obviously did because i have accomplished a ridiculous amount in two short days.....and get this,  even though i am busier, i go to bed feeling more relaxed, at ease, feeling more productive about my hours in the day........i'm using that extra time to do things i've been meaning to do:  my paint and brushes are out,  books that have been waiting are actually getting opened, things are getting organized, goodwill is getting packed up,  new jewelry creations have been made, errands have been run, lots more dancing has occurred, more time spent outside...drinking coffee in the morning by the lake instead of checking internet.  it's amazing.

yes, there is an aspect of "busying myself in order not to feel the urge to be online".....but it's not too hard to immediately feel the benefits of less screen time.  i'm happier. plain and simple.  happier. 

now, take the time to play the above video and dance it out.

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