Monday, January 30, 2012

don't forget....

 find out what matters.

find what nourishes you.

don't stop seeking it out....dig deep to see what vibrates your soul.

accept that these things might change as years go on.  be open to changing with that.

...and for god sake, don't forget to play.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



i have been in a constant state of movement since january 17th; i took the train from atlanta to penn station in new york city....then flew on a plane from there to los angeles.....movement movement movement.  considering that movement / leap / engage / freedom have been the words floating around for 2012 i assume i am right where i wanted to be.  it's hard to take a moment to think and marinate on where you are in the midst of travel, especially when the movement is consistent. 
getting out of the busyness of new york city has certainly helped...the energy of the city sweeps you up in a river...

winding down a bit today....just got done "whipping up" some ingredients to add to the crockpot.  "whipping up" for me is taking my time, switching music, slowly chopping, cooking, adding, measuring....with a bit of dancing, singing, dilly-dallying in between. grounds me;  feeling more myself now that i have all week.  i don't necessarily think traveling and "feeling yourself" goes hand in least it doesn't for me.  it takes a bit of time for me to settle into the change...which is why i am not one for quick trips...i need a bit of time away from home in order to get reacquainted with flow with it......FLOW...another one of my words for 2012.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


 the concept;
only "owning" what you need.  only owning the items of clothing that you need in a week time...then you wash and dry the clothes and start over.  only owning one bottle of lotion, one toothbrush, one nail polish, one light jacket, one heavy jacket, pair of tennis shoes, flip flops, one scarf, etc etc etc.  you get the concept.  what if?  most of us wouldn't need a big home, a big dresser, a big closet, we wouldn't need much space.  we wouldn't NEED much.

this is the concept i am adapting.  it started off as decluttering....which led to simplifying....which now leads me to minimalism....which i sorta knew it would lead to.  all my life i have daydreamed about traveling with only what i need.  i daydreamed about throwing what i own into a car and going.....i never thought that at this point it would mean packing two bags and journeying by train.  in just over a week i will step on a train and go.

i am blessed to work mainly online selling my creations, so work goes with me.  this frees me but also complicates things. as much as money flows out to fund travel, money must also flow in....exchanging of energy as my dear friend Pixie puts it.   as i am clearing out my possessions, i am also contemplating just HOW all these supplies can fit in my bag.....which makes me understand that i have "hoarded" if i couldn't buy as i make...i hoard supplies.  hello, i am a supply hoarder.  i admit it.  what this does though is prevents me from continuing to create NEW things....i make a ton of jewelry...A TON...BUT by hoarding supplies all at once, this prevents new creative ideas from freely flowing in....or rather these supplies take up the space that could be used for new things to come in.

i am quickly grasping ahold of the idea that when you let something go, the space is created for new to come shows itself swiftly usually.  there is enough....i am provided abundance really....maybe i don't have all the money i want...but most of us don't right? is it that the more i let go of, the more abundance i feel?.....

When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.

Leap and engage...


2012 is going to be about celebrating LIFE.  celebrating life and all it's simple pleasures has always been something i am fond of and practice....but do i ENGAGE life? i seek out new experiences, travels, connections, etc? a degree i do....but from the comfort of my comfort zone.  2012 is leaping outside of that place....i will engage in experiences.  i will engage conversations.  i will engage new modes of transportation.  i will engage in learning what i don't know.  i will break past boundaries.  i will free myself from constraints.  i will say YES instead of saying no.  i will say NO instead of saying YES.  i will fix food that makes my body scream YES YES YES to the pure ecstacy of alivening it's senses.  i will dance to music like there is no tomorrow.  i will build fires and howl at the moon.   i will follow where my heart leads me.  i will make rainbows when i leap. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012



I have had certain words leaping their way into my mind the past few days:


and various other ones that have come in and lingered.

All of these words have me thinking....and also wondering what words come into your mind often?..or as the new year begins?

I was quite surprised to have 'receive' and 'grace' pop up, but when I started pondering them I understood that I have issues with accepting with grace someone's offering of help/assistance/etc.  I might not show it on the outside, but inside I cringe a little....don't get me wrong, I am always moved and feel gratitude...but those shadow emotions of anxiety, obligation to pay them back somehow, sorta feeling like a failure because I need or get help...all these crazy emotions come up.

Soooo, in order to teach myself how to receive with more grace...I want to extend an offering to all of you out there.  My thought is that the more I give, maybe the more I will be able to receive without the shadow feelings surfacing.
I want you to throw out the words that pop up for you...OR give me your word for 2012.   On Monday morning, the 9th, I will write your names on a slip of paper, put in a jar, and draw out one.   The winner will receive a free pair of earrings from my Etsy Shop.

I have another project that I am working on to give back while I am traveling.  It involves guerilla art, random acts of kindness, giving a scarf away on the train after I am done crocheting it...etc.   The time is NOW....move forward, steady movement, planned leaps, freedom travel.....

so comment your word/words to win a pair of earrings :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gratitude letter...

my gratitude letter...looking back on 2011, and also beginning of 2012.

Where does one start?

I am grateful for Jamie Ridler's podcast, which I am listening to this very second.  I have listened to this particular one 3 times already (Jo Anna Rothman)

Sunshine. duh right?

My photo Lamps and sunlight lightbulbs...this has enabled me to take photos inside, no matter what the weather is outside.  freedom to work whenever...that is priceless.

Colorful beads...that make my work more fun.

Pixie Campbell....for opening doors....for shining the light....for guiding the way....for lighting a fire under my ass :)  and so much more beyond that...

Langhorne Slim...i mean c'mon.  My 2011 day to day life, dancing, cooking, work time has been amplified by a zillion times because of this music.

Serendipity Retreat....for the movement it created.  for the women and connections i made. For Michelle for creating the opportunity...forever grateful. lonely life would be without them.

my mind...creativity....brainstorming...ideas....

my hands and fingers...for creating...moving....enabling me to make money with something they create.

Jen Gray.  where does one begin??  for being the sister I never heart swells and my cup runneth over. 

for LIFE....for all of it. every single last drop.