Saturday, June 2, 2012

chopping broccoli.....

farmer's market, sebastapol, california, february 2012
it's 1:15 PM and i have a towel on my head, coconut lotion lathered on, blasting brandi carlile's Dying Day on my phone, a belly full on fried eggs, toast with pineapple jam, cheese grits, and mango juice. it's a sunny day but the blustering wind makes it impossible to take photos of earrings outside. the other night i watched a passenger-less pontoon boat breeze by, pushed by the wind, having a little night time float on the water....wonder what happened to it.

today i will make my way into the kitchen...i will wash veggies and fruit, cut up celery into the perfect size to dip into peanut butter (or in this case Sunbutter), make MORE kale chips, boil water to make hard-boiled eggs (eggs are beginning to gross me out though), i will cut up broccoli heads into little bit size pieces....oh, speaking of things like broccoli, i made roasted parmesan cauliflower last night...yum yum, and the night before i made zucchini cakes (more like burgers), but in my opinion the recipe calls for too much old bay seasoning...lesson learned.

anyway, the point being is that i am relaxed knowing i will have a day in the kitchen just chopping veggies, prepping food for later use. satisfaction arises from these seemingly trivial tasks. i swear i could chop veggies for a living and be quite happy. bliss.

so, what are you doing on this fine day?

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