Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dreams...i have dreams...

earrings on display

last night i dreamed of wild dogs.....they were nipping and pinching at me as i made my way into the night through pastures and woods in search for a lost friend.  these dogs were wild, ferocious, and ragged looking...yet strong and scrappy.  i could see a fire burning in the distance, in the woods, but these dogs wouldn't let me through to go investigate.  another girl came up from where i was heading, and she said "be careful out there...i went looking for answers but it's dangerous"...i got the impression she was a journalist of some sort.  she said she was seeking the truth of the situation, the truth that everyone was hiding.    i never got to that fire in the woods, but i did manage to make friends with one of the dogs.  that has to account for something eh?

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