Thursday, November 3, 2011

being mindful....

So,  here we are ALREADY in November.  Leaves are changing colors, mornings are a lot cooler,  and my stomach is beginning to rumble at the thought of all the holiday food!!  mmmmmm.    Food is the only reason I can tolerate and accept winter time.  

Since I came back from the Outer Banks trip, I have been more mindful and conscious of how I spend my days.  Instead of stressing or working non stop, I have taken more walks, played backgammon, started reading more books, sat outside just for the pure pleasure of basking in the sun, talked on the phone to dear friends more,  took random trips to Athens for the pleasure of an old friend's company.   I tried to find that kind of balance before, but it seemed impossible to do before this trip.  Now I see how necessary it is.  Life is more than work and money and "getting everything done"'s also dance parties, playing in the sand, gabbing with friends on a bed, taking leisurely walks because the day is nice, it's impromptu fire building on a cool, crisp night,  it's so so so much more.   I did these things before, but not without guilt...that nagging feeling of "i should be doing this or that instead"......booohisssss on that nagging A-hole feeling!

So, yet again, I am faced with the hard task of repricing my crafty work.......part of this balance also comes a knowing that I have to look hard at the facts.......I don't price or value my time or work enough to even find balance.  How can I have dance parties, play in the sand, hang out with friends, take trips to the Outer Banks when I have to work all the time because I am underselling myself? 
Since I can't seem to figure it out on my own, or stick to an idea that works, I have been reading articles online that make sense to me.....this stuck out in my head BIGTIME -

Making money should be beautiful. Making money should be liberating, fortifying, and joyous. Making money isn’t what defines you but it shouldn’t be bewildering either.

I recommend reading some of Tara Gentile's articles...or go buy her book (you can set your own price to buy it).  I have already learned a lot.....and I will continue reading until the daggum concept settles into my bones.....because I really really do love making things....I love creating.  All this time I thought I just wasn't doing or making the right I know I just didn't have the right relationship with Money and MAKING IT. 

(so, enough of the business/money talk.....I just had to get that out there, because it has been on my mind since I got home from my trips, plus I wanted to give a shout out to who I have been reading lately)

The day is starting and I need another cup of coffee..........hope everyone is enjoying this Fall weather!