Monday, June 4, 2012

small changes...

my painted scrap wood signs from 6/3/2012

yesterday i set out to do something a bit out of the ordinary....nothing major, just a small step outside of what i normally do.   so i woke up, got my coffee, and began setting up some tables outside.  i brought all my paint brushes, paints, stencils to a table.  i went and gathered up some scrap wood lying around.   i had no preconceived ideas about what to paint; i just wanted to let myself go with the in the inspired by whatever struck me at the time.

i am color obsessed....when i make jewelry it's usually by what color i want to work with.....same goes for paint....or clothes shopping....or food buying.....truly, i love color.   so i picked out what piece of wood i wanted......i picked out the base color, with added streaks of secondary colors, then i went to painting.

to make a long story short, i ended up spending the whole day outside, with time flying by.  music was playing, an abundance of lemon water was consumed, slight breeze with warm weather, and plenty of scrap wood to keep me company.  bliss folks, bliss.  it's all about the small things...the small changes...the small steps outside of what we normally do.

never underestimate small changes in your life....or even the small out of the ordinary moments you decide to experience...those are the things that change your life....don't ignore them.

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