Monday, June 18, 2012

enriching life...

making stuffed peppers..mmm, june 2012

i miss traveling.  i miss connecting with my creative peeps.  i even miss connecting with strangers.
i feel a longing today.  it's not a sadness really....just a ache for more of life....and enrichment of it i suppose.

on another note...but i guess not really, because this is about enriching my life as well, is that i have only had meat (fish is included in this) 4 times in several weeks...maybe (at least) 1 1/2 months....two of those times was no hormone/fresh from the farm so to speak deer and bacon.....once was wild alaskan salmon, and the other day i had a craving for spaghetti so i had ground turkey in it...BIG mistake....i was sick all night long.   needless to say i don't want meat any time soon.   the fact that i haven't been talking about it makes me feel like this time it might i have tried many times before to quit eating meat.....this time i have eliminated a lot of dairy too.  i gotta say, my skin has never looked healthier (my face have never been the most clear)...maybe it's not eating meat...or maybe it's just eating more veggies (although i was already doing that)......either way i love it.

at first i was losing weight....but now that i have learned some new recipes, added in a lot more beans and grains to my diet, i am back to normal....but i feel lighter, more energized, in a much better mood most days.  i feel closer to who i really am.  i've never been real comfortable consuming animals.  it actually makes me cringe now to think of it...i have zero cravings for it anymore.  two of the times i caved was while i was visiting friends and smelled the meat i can't say a slip or two won't happen, but since i cook at home most of the time this is preventable.

my ultimate goal is going vegan, but i'm giving myself and my body time to adjust;  plus i have a ton of learning to do when it comes to cooking in a new way....aka not revolving a meal around a slab of meat...yuck.  i know, i know...i'm already turning into one of "those" people....whatever that means.  (that is what was said to me earlier this week)

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  1. "Those people"...

    You're MY people :)