Sunday, June 17, 2012

the kitchen is meant for dancing too

i like asparagus, june 2012

i like kitchen dance parties.  i like thinking about food.  i, for the most part, like cooking food...the longer it takes to cook/prepare the better, because i like being in the kitchen.  i feel content in the all is right in the world.  every time i get done eating a meal it's like the day after christmas.....depressing in a way.  i usually am immediately, if not already, thinking about what i will make for the next meal.   i like to have a variety of plates to choose from...glasses too.  do i want to serve these peaches in a blue bowl or a yellow one?.......also, don't get in my's not that i don't want you to talk to me, but i like the flow of space...i like to be able to move to the fridge, to the counter, to the stove, to the cabinets and then circle back with ease......and DON'T ask me if i am doing something right or wrong, don't rush me or keep asking if it's ready.....let me enjoy cooking...don't criticize or even seem like maybe that is what you are doing....i will quickly go from being in a good-relaxed-enjoying myself mood to a bitter-irritated-resentful witch in an instant. just being honest here......and a BIG one is DO NOT even think about changing the music i am listening to....if i'm in control of cooking, i'm in control of the music is the muse...always.  would you mess up picasso's paint?..or brushes? or god forbid his canvas? there you have it..a little sunday truth preaching sermon.  :)  

(i should say i am not ALWAYS prone to turning witchy if one tries to dictate me in the kitchen, but i wouldn't test it)

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