Thursday, June 14, 2012

sharing our truth...

i buy tomatoes twice a week, yes i do, june 2012, georgia

so, i've been thinking a bit this week about Andrea's post over at Superhero Designs ....because sharing our truth is scary, liberating, eye opening, brave, emotional, fierce, all of so many emotions tangled up together.....

so anyway, it has me thinking about my truth...some of the truths that are out in the open...some that i push away, not wanting to think about them or face them right now....some i push away knowing they might make my life a bit more complicated for of which is that i am tired of making jewelry...i'm tired of SELLING all the time.....i'm tired of "pushing" material goods when i myself am simplifying my isn't in alignment with my 'truth' these days.  i want less but i am producing more more more....every day.  now i don't mind fact i love accessories....i love creating....i love experimenting with making new stuff, BUT i suppose i don't like all the supplies that clutter my space....i want to create something and have it out the door the next day.....i don't like the waiting game of seeing if something sells....waiting for more money to come in.....yes, the creating is in my "control" but the selling is not...not *really*.

the truth is, is that i want my 'supply' list to be simple....a camera...or a pen and paper...or a bit more advanced technology like a laptop that i can take wherever.  i want my supply list to be easy to dash off with in a moment of spontaneity.  i NEED it to be simple.  i want to take photos of farmers' markets, farms, produce, food that makes you salivate and feel alive....a ripe watermelon freshly cut open that makes you want to reach into the photo and claim your mouth's desire......i want to capture simplicity.  i want to take us back to the basics.  a wood table with a lone peach on oak tree standing tall in a pasture....a long winding dirt road leading to nowhere and everywhere.....i want to take us back to the days where life was simple...and our longings were too.......where lying in the grass and looking at the clouds float by was enough.

this is my truth these days.  i don't know where it will take me, but if sharing it will help pave the way, i'm all for it.

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