Thursday, May 31, 2012


Pismo Beach, California, March 2012

sometimes when i'm thinking and in reflection i like to call it the "situation room"......isn't that wolf blitzer's show?

getting rid of stuff, especially stuff that you have had packed up, feels quite's as if you are entitling yourself to "start over" with the you that you are now, not in the past.

in the past i liked "stuff"....i liked to feel cozy in a room with all sorts of things to look at...cozy nooks, etc.   the *me* now likes minimalism...i like a room to feel like i could dance all through it without worry of bruising myself on furniture or knocking something over. 

....on the same note, in the past i LOVED color throughout a home....bright walls, colorful furniture....but now i love a rustic, simple, white decor with splashes of color.....i like the color to EXCLAIM through the white.....

a BIG day of no facebook and i find i have SO many words to say......i forgot there was a "writer" inside all the distractions.   i put writer in quotes because, well....because.

also, the more i get rid of...the more i "have"....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what, you didn't know i had a microscopic lens?

washbucket...appropriate right? know, since i'm cleaning out and all

what's happening right now, this second, is that i am going through every. single. darn. thing. in every square inch of this house deciding if it is *really* needed any longer.   what happens when you have "spare" time on your hands is that you start looking around at your surroundings....things you overlooked before become glaring sunspots of "wwhhhaatttt why do i still have that, i haven't even noticed it in months!!".............just how long does simplifying take?...cause it seems i've been doing it for two years.  sheesh. 

let me say it again....EVERY.SQUARE.INCH. of this place is about to get investigated, questioned, and put under the microscopic lens.  yep. figuratively speaking of course.

feeling lighter...

on amtrak going through utah i think, march, 2012
day one of facebook hiatus and i already feel better.  i woke up relieved that i didn't have to spend the time to check notifications....i feel lighter already.  boomshakalaka.....that's the sound of feeling lighter in case you didn't know.  so, on that note this will probably be the last time i talk about facebook hiatus...i mean really...what's the point of being off facebook if i sit here and talk about it?....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

facebook hiatus

michelle and david's lovely deck in georgia

i am on a facebook hiatus.  i HOPE for at least a week....if all goes well maybe indefinitely??...who knows.   you add up all the little minutes that one checks all adds up.  i think about the time, those minutes that accumulate, that might be put to better use...getting me closer to where i want to be.  i think about the pressure it takes off to respond to this or that in a timely fashion........what is "timely fashion" anyway?.....someone else's perspective on how long it should take me to write them back?
i will use those minutes i would use on facebook to come up with new be outside....instead of taking work breaks to check on facebook...or a lot of times facebook is just "on" all the time while i extra window/tab to click on throughout the day.  blah blah blah.   don't get me wrong, i am ridiculously happy to connect with my peeps....i just don't like all the screen time, time better spent outdoors where i long to be most of the time anyway.  so there you have it.....facebook hiatus.  i feel lighter already.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Things we wish for

i wish for this color in a vw van...but beggars can't be choosers, so i'll take this if given to me :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


in chicago, april 2012

it's 11:34 a.m. and i want a mint mojito BAD.....but it has to be in a mason jar with fresh mint, otherwise i don't want one.  i blame pinterest ....i wouldn't have nearly as many cravings a day without this site to indulge in.  i don't watch tv, so no commercials to persuade me i need this or that...other than the annoying ones that play during pandora Pinterest steps in and makes me want all sorts of things i never knew i wanted.

i have been listening to Ma Muse 's Glorious song over and over the past two days.....this is my way.  i will listen to the same cd or song repeatedly and then move on.

i showered this morning and then immediately put on my swimsuit....just in case.   this is the way it is for this georgia girl, and the way it will continue to be until the end of september probably.  always, always be prepared for the possibility of reprieve from the heat.

i want to start a nonprofit or kickstarter fund to buy yarn and crochet scarves for the needy....i like the idea of thinking about love while making a hat or scarf....because let's face it, crocheting something can only be a labor of love....

so far today all i have had is blackberries, raspberries, an orange, a peach, an apple with peanut butter......this much fruit can't be good eh?.....i can't help myself.

...and i'm off to make more jewelry for the etsy shop, new earrings have been listed this week.  

have a great day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

a lot of yes

yes, my clothes once again reside in my suitcase.  i can't help myself.
yes, daily i look online at vw vans and the like to travel in.
yes, i have dreamed every. single. night. this week about riding on a bike through hills, streets, back roads, even into buildings (funny how my mode of transportation in my dreams has changed the past few months)
and why yes i have given away even MORE stuff than i did before i left on my 3 month long trip. 

soon......soon i will pack up (or in my case, NOT pack up 'cause it's already packed) and head out again.  until then i wake up every morning, drink coffee, make jewelry, email customers back, and i daydream about my next journey.   i am considering starting a Kickstarter project in order to fund my travels and aspiration to document and give back along the way....i mean why not right?....people are buying jewelry in the etsy shop...why not offer it in a donation package.    let's add that to my to-do list this week :)

have a great weekend everyone!  love to you all!