Monday, August 24, 2009

monday sermon....

(emily - dress on backwards - love it)

i suppose we decide for ourselves how our day will pan out. will we let the dogs who incessantly bark all night and into the morning despite the fact we tried to sleep peacefully with the windows open to enjoy the upcoming fall night air ruin our morning? will we let the wrong number that dialed our phone at 7am put us in a bad mood? when we wake up and trip over the carpet (don't know how i managed this) will it piss us off?

i've decided to brush those things away, and try to be in a good mood anyway...or at least a pleasant one. when you create all day it doesn't do much good to be fact it's almost impossible to accomplish anything creative when you feel like that (at least it is for me-unless i'm painting or drawing).

i've done my best over the years to change how i react to situations. i can't control the fact that my neighbors dogs bark, or someone calling my phone, or the ridiculously placed carpet (not really but i tripped nonetheless) - but i can control my behavior when these things happen.

i believe we are our reactions....especially as we get older. getting in control over this is key to a more joyful and pleasant life.

okay, preaching is done for the day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

anticipating fall...

i woke up this morning with a clear sensation in my body that fall is approaching. i got overly excited....added pumpkin spice to my coffee grounds and pressed start. then i opened the windows and low and behold it's still summer in georgia. at least my body knows fall will arrive soon - even if it does just mean only opening the windows at night at first.
i feel the need to go out and buy loads of cinnamon candles, banana nut bread, french vanilla coffee, flannel shirts, funky fun colorful socks. though i am truly a summer, go barefoot, wear tank tops, bask in the warm sun kind of girl, i do LOVE the stirring of sensations you feel deep in your core when the seasons change. plus i am looking forward to roasting marshmallows at the firepit and enjoying the hot tub, feeling the brisk cool fall night air on my face. i am getting giddy just thinking of it.
on another note, i have been adding loads of new stuff to the Etsy Shop -

Thursday, August 20, 2009

what i know...

we are meant to love each other. to share in each other's life. to connect. to share pain, sorrow, joys, and triumphs. our lives are meant to learn this. to evolve into a bigger understanding of this. this is why we are here.