Thursday, March 18, 2010

words to live by this week

minimalism living = my phrase of the week

more of what i know....

here is what i know....

life is full of surprises...good and bad ones.

life should not be rushed. if you do, you will lose appreciation for taking your time...or for relishing in what is happening in the moment. you will forget who you are, and instead focus on what hasn't been experienced or accomplished. time is something that we let control us. remember when we were kids and were just beginning to learn something or try something?....a phrase told to us often was "take your time"......why don't we tell each other that now?

i had a dream last night that i was at my high school graduation again...but everything was different. for some reason the dalai lama was sitting in front of me. everyone kept trying to get his attention, ask him questions, but i sat there taking it in, hoping that i didn't come across as eager or needy....towards the end of the dream he was turned around talking to one of my friends.....i was watching, and he turned to me....we just gave each other a few second gaze and smiled. that was it. and it was enough. i got all i needed from him with that patient smile. no words were needed or even desired. just a brief gaze and smile. i don't know what it was about that dream, but that part keeps staying with me these past few hours. i keep thinking that maybe there is a lesson in that.

i have had such a sense of restlessness these past few weeks....but i think it's finally coming to a close. still stirred up, but maybe i have the tiger by the tail so to speak.

my goal of clearing out my art area has yet to be complete. distractions, lack of motivation, etc etc etc...i could keep making excuses. i am working more on this today. i hope.

have a swell day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

enough is enough

okay. instead of cleaning and organizing which is what i said i would be doing today, I am talking about cleaning and organizing. seriously though...enough is enough. my art/craft supplies are out of complete disarray....utter chaos....shall i go on? just trust me in saying that it's ridiculous.
So I combined all my earrings in my etsy shop and have found that i have absolutely no more making of earrings until most of those sell. I can't believe i have THAT MANY. It's actually a relief to not make jewelry for awhile.....this has enabled me to finally take the time to organize the rest of my craft stash. I know it's a little late, but I am making a dent in my yarn supply....scarves galore! I will list those on the etsy shop later this week. I just found a good bit of canvas bags and aprons that i need to use...I didn't even know i had any let!!
My whole motivation behind all this is first and foremost using what i have, and in order to do that, i need to know what i have. Secondly, I have no room to paint....and use my charcoal and pastels.....i am aching to do that's been years. Thirdly...i am honestly tired of writing and talking about being organized...or rather not being organized. how many blog entries can i write about this until it dissolves itself as an issue for me??? grrrrr.

alright....much to do today, hopefully i can post some pics later this week of the new look.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

holy socks? recycle them!

ever wondered what to do with those cute socks you love but have against your will become holy? make them into funky arm warmers!! you're welcome.