Thursday, May 31, 2012


Pismo Beach, California, March 2012

sometimes when i'm thinking and in reflection i like to call it the "situation room"......isn't that wolf blitzer's show?

getting rid of stuff, especially stuff that you have had packed up, feels quite's as if you are entitling yourself to "start over" with the you that you are now, not in the past.

in the past i liked "stuff"....i liked to feel cozy in a room with all sorts of things to look at...cozy nooks, etc.   the *me* now likes minimalism...i like a room to feel like i could dance all through it without worry of bruising myself on furniture or knocking something over. 

....on the same note, in the past i LOVED color throughout a home....bright walls, colorful furniture....but now i love a rustic, simple, white decor with splashes of color.....i like the color to EXCLAIM through the white.....

a BIG day of no facebook and i find i have SO many words to say......i forgot there was a "writer" inside all the distractions.   i put writer in quotes because, well....because.

also, the more i get rid of...the more i "have"....

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