Thursday, April 19, 2012 many questions.

words can save us.  they have.  they do.  they will.  right?

do you filter yourself in words?  in your speech?  in your conversations?  in your blog?  in your email?  why do you?

do you ever have urges to do things like climb a tree?  run gleefully through a field?  jump and splash in a puddle?  leap into a lake, river, pond, pool?   do you give in to the urges?  if the answer is no, why not? 

are you who you wish yourself to be?  if you aren't, what changes would you like to make? 

do you bite your tongue when you should speak up?  do you speak up when you should bite your tongue?  what lessons keep repeating themselves?

questions, questions, questions.  wouldn't it be nice to silence our minds for at least one day of the week?....there goes another question.

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