Wednesday, April 4, 2012

day 3 ~ i have run out of things to say...obviously

DAY 3 ~ SHOCKING changes in myself since i took my trip (okay, maybe not shocking, but changes nonetheless)

1. i am now a trader joe's snob (and think there should be one in every town)

2. i now make a disgusted look when i see that meat has nitrates (i mean seriously, i can't find anything in the local stores, ugh)

3. i now say "dude" way too much (though i think i was doing this before)

4. why the heck can't i have orange/lemon/avocado trees in my backyard!?....(not a change, but c'mon)

5.  i have learned i sleep better with one pillow, not FIVE like i thought i needed before i left :)

sooooo,  there you have it.    that's all i have.   too much change internally to really even describe here...some i haven't even processed yet.   today is a bit better with mood....mostly relating to waking up determined to get on the road again ASAP.   still have yet to unpack suitcase all the way.  jewelry supplies/tools?...forget it.   that will happen only with a cold drink or two and when i finally stub each and every toe i have on the boxes (still laying on the floor in the middle of the walkway).  

back to getting on the road ASAP.......manifesting a way to get paid while traveling.  making jewelry can only bring in so much, plus i actually have to MAKE jewelry on the road, and then bring all the supplies, beads, tools, finished products with me.  i've done this already, it became very complicated, very quickly; looking for a simpler approach this time around...and also simple packing.  i'm all about simplicity; less is more approach. 

though the freedom of driving is ideal.....the slow pace of a train cross country, not paying gas prices, scenic views ~hard to top that.   still smitten with going through utah/colorado by of the highlights of my life.   i will be traveling by train MUCH MUCH MORE as time goes on.  experience of a lifetime.

side note, does anybody use jojoba oil?...isn't it the most amazing ever?

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  1. We use jojoba oil for Meg's moisturizer. It's what her pediatrician recommended :). LOVE! (We get ours at Trader Joe's.)