Thursday, April 12, 2012

feeding my soul....

Yesterday fed my soul ~ post office to send off etsy orders, farmers market to get some fresh and local produce, library trip to feed my mind's hunger, grocery store to feed my stomach's hunger, plant/flower buying and scored on some clearance snapdragons and dianthus - my mailbox area is VERY happy. 

Today I woke up, poured coffee, filled a bucket full of handmade organic mixed soil, grabbed snapdragons and headed outside in my pjs to feel the dirt between my fingers.  Bees flocked to the flowers immediately, and I had to patiently wait as they do what bees do.....

I am back inside, still in pjs, still drinking coffee, dirt still under my nails.....a book is opened beside me, jewelry supplies are spread out and ready to be manipulated and fondled.  :)    Is today a good day?...yes, i believe so. 

What does your day look like?  What can you do today to feed your mind and soul?....and maybe even your stomach.

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