Monday, April 2, 2012

restless again...

DAY 1 of being back from an almost 3 month trip and I am already restless, looking up travel documentaries to watch on Netflix, feeling a bit depressed as I begin to unpack and so I quit, I take down the clothes I have already hung up in the closet and I put them back in the suitcase.  I don't know how to be "home" doesn't feel right.  I want to be somewhere I haven't been....I want to feel slightly uncomfortable to not have what I am used to around.  I want to wish I had brought another pair of shoes, or that one comfy t-shirt that I love to sleep in.  I *WANT* to live out of a suitcase.  I am restless and uneasy....and I wonder if I will continue to feel this way or if this feeling will pass.  I hope it doesn't pass....I am eager to put more train/plane/bus identification tags on my bags.  I miss sleeping uncomfortably....I woke up this morning completely confused as to where I was.  The comfort of my own bed made me uncomfortable. 
I sit here looking at my lotion, contact solution, zyrtec, nail polish, and I am tempted to put them back in their travel bag once more.  Even *they* look uncomfortable ....the lavender and turquoise polish seems to scream at me "take me to the ocean once more....let me see those rocks and mountains of Utah and Colorado.....or even more "take me somewhere I have never been...don't make us sit here "settled" into what used to be"..........
oh me.  vagabond.  gypsy.  wanderer.  traveler.  seeker.  discoverer.  breathing in every state, country, continent....that is what I long to do, and that is what I *shall* do...somehow, someway, someday sooner rather than later. 

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