Tuesday, April 10, 2012

what's a closet?

DAY 8 (??) of being back ~  I feel like packing a suitcase.  Not that I am going anywhere, but just to see it packed...just in case.  I had a good day of creating jewelry yesterday, staying outside, taking photos of jewelry........but it was all with travel in mind.  It wasn't about making jewelry, it was about knowing that when jewelry sells I am one more step closer to taking another trip.  I have ants in my pants and I don't think it's going away. 

So I get up everyday, turn on computer, go pour coffee, come back and sit on my bed....I think about where I will go next.  I think that if I go ahead and decide, that maybe just maybe, it will manifest itself quicker.  Isn't that how it works?  To be so open about it all is maybe my downfall?.....lack of focus?...lack of destination?.....but for me it isn't about the destination (unless it's of course some tropical oasis of turquoise water and coconut drinks); it's about the movement to get there.  Perhaps that's why I loved the train trip cross country so much ~ absolutely nothing to do but to watch the world outside go by.  No worries of getting my luggage; I had it all near me, at my fingertips....no worry of am I going the right way, is this the right bus....will I like where i'm going next...etc etc.  Living on a train for days was calming.   Every stop wasn't my own; I was good for days....I was content with my books, iphone, food/snacks, listening to the conversations around me, people watching, scenery outside, reclining seat......it forced me to relax, to sit still, to just BE. 

to do list:
1. hone in where I want to go.
2. make it happen

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