Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...in the way life does...

         ( Stefanie Renee Lindeen prints - Teahouse Studio)

DAY 2 - I wake up still confused as to where I am.  I get up, put contacts in, pee, wash hands, go into kitchen and make coffee as I did every day before I left on the trip in January.  Did the trip even happen?....that is the question I asked myself this morning.  It feels odd stepping back into things as if none of it happened.  It feels like I should be coming "home" to a completely new environment.  *Something* should be different...anything....but no, it's all the same.  How does one adjust?  Though it doesn't *really* compare, I can't help but think about soldiers who come back from the war.  Is it like this?.....you just don't seem to fit anymore....things *should* be different...what once felt natural, feels unnatural now....or maybe it just feels uncomfortable to be doing the same things.

I'm sitting on the bed, finished earrings all laid out to reactivate in the Etsy shop ....i once again fight the urge to pack it all up.   I get distracted and go through all my travel/train trip pictures once more; yes, it DID all happen.  Okay, I look at earrings again and know that they helped me to fund my trip...so I look at them and smile.  I contemplate getting scissors and open up the rest of the supply/jewelry boxes I shipped back to Georgia when I knew I was headed back.   I like seeing them all piled up on the floor ~ evidence of a decision to pack it all up and go....trusting that it would all play out, somehow in the way life does :)

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