Monday, March 25, 2013

the dark of morning...

it's 6am and I've been up for nearly 2 1/2 hours.  2nd cup of coffee.  roaring hot fire.  photo lamps are on and many earring photos have been taken.  devil makes three is playing on spotify.  I start my day off with putting vitamin E oil under my feels greasy and thick and I kinda like it.  the back of my legs are sore from a 1 hour walk uphill yesterday and I kinda like that too.  getting up at a time of the night/morning where the west coast of the country has barely been asleep if not still awake is somehow comforting.  it might be cold outside but I can feel spring making it's way's waiting on this chilly weather to pass as am I.  like a kid waiting in the bathroom line, c'mon hurry hurry  hurry, I can't wait one more second. 

as I sit here staring out into the dark black of the morning I understand that most of me thrives on the sunshine of the daylight, but my gardener soul feels a restoration of spirit in the slow rise before the sun.  there is something about this time of the day that makes me linger on thoughts of what the rest of the world is doing.  the man on the streets, bundled up on the ground, stomach growling and gurgling protesting lack of food to digest...what does he think of this time of day?...does he lay there praying for the sun to rise and warm up the darkness of his spirit?  what about the girl on the streets, selling herself to put food in her belly, to feed her kids, to make ends meet...what does she think about it?  what about the child who is waking up grudgingly to get ready for school?...the family that is sitting in a hospital waiting on news about a loved one?.........all these people, all this life, racing around yet in this hour it moves slow.   in this hour I see it all...I feel it all....I remember what it's all about in this hour. 

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