Thursday, March 21, 2013

the birds and the bees...

i'm feeling the need to unplug...indefinitely.  this urge has nothing to do with the reality of the situation.  i won't unplug...if this were the birds and the bees my progress of unplugging would be 2nd base...perhaps even only 1st base.  I've been thinking about how i interacted with the world around me as a child....i was outside lost in either nature or books...or both, which was my favorite.  the bus would pull up to driveway, i would hop out, run to the porch, dash into my room, toss the bookbag on the floor, grab a book and my compass, bound to the kitchen and fill a thermos full of Kool-Aid, then out the door i'd go for hours.  i daydreamed of being a soon as my mother showed me how to tie a bandanna to a long stick and carry my stuff in it this because my obsession.  i envisioned myself jumping trains and traveling here and's funny how that's sorta what i did in 2012.   my point being that i had no use for technology (other than my trusty compass which i had no real need for, it just fueled my imagination), i only wanted blue skies and sunshine, the grass under my feet, swaying trees to climb...sure, things are simpler as a kid than as an adult, but do they have to be?  why can't we all still get lost in nature like we did as children?  why can't we go leaping and dashing into open fields?.....i know i still do, but my phone is always with me....i'm always connected or can be...a distraction is a mere second away. 

i tell myself every day that life is short...there is no time for regrets or setting things to the side to do later.....i started out 2013 with big plans...yet again, i use the birds and the bees reference....i'm only on 1st base with's time for some hot and heavy action.

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  1. Yeah, this is a constant battle with me too. Being connected, finding "waiting" moments to check in and check up so that I don't waste time at home deleting emails, cleaning out boxes. I try to not let myself be so attached every minute and in doing that realize I miss little. With spring coming (please, goddesses) I will be out in nature more and more and on the airwaves less and less. I am so looking forward to that.