Sunday, March 31, 2013

spring awakening....

sometimes I gaze outside and I think there is no possible way to explain in words what it all means.   it's LIFE.   it's green growth...birds's azaleas beginning to's still scraggly branches and limbs waiting to explode into green.  how does one put this into words? it's impossible.  I feel like those scraggly branches and limbs....I wait.  I wait and I feel the anticipation.  I get restless this time of year...when the cold lingers....but today I am aware; I am aware that my time is here.  my seasons are arriving.  I look for things to do to occupy my thoughts while I wait...........I feel the ache.  I feel the pounding of my heart...the throbbing of my soul ....I feel every breeze and gust of wind....if i'm really still I can feel the blooms start to unfurl and become what they were meant to be. 

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