Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what, you didn't know i had a microscopic lens?

washbucket...appropriate right? know, since i'm cleaning out and all

what's happening right now, this second, is that i am going through every. single. darn. thing. in every square inch of this house deciding if it is *really* needed any longer.   what happens when you have "spare" time on your hands is that you start looking around at your surroundings....things you overlooked before become glaring sunspots of "wwhhhaatttt why do i still have that, i haven't even noticed it in months!!".............just how long does simplifying take?...cause it seems i've been doing it for two years.  sheesh. 

let me say it again....EVERY.SQUARE.INCH. of this place is about to get investigated, questioned, and put under the microscopic lens.  yep. figuratively speaking of course.

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