Tuesday, May 29, 2012

facebook hiatus

michelle and david's lovely deck in georgia

i am on a facebook hiatus.  i HOPE for at least a week....if all goes well maybe indefinitely??...who knows.   you add up all the little minutes that one checks notifications...messages...comments...etc.....it all adds up.  i think about the time, those minutes that accumulate, that might be put to better use...getting me closer to where i want to be.  i think about the pressure it takes off to respond to this or that in a timely fashion........what is "timely fashion" anyway?.....someone else's perspective on how long it should take me to write them back?
i will use those minutes i would use on facebook to come up with new ideas...to read...to be outside....instead of taking work breaks to check on facebook...or a lot of times facebook is just "on" all the time while i work....an extra window/tab to click on throughout the day.  blah blah blah.   don't get me wrong, i am ridiculously happy to connect with my peeps....i just don't like all the screen time, time better spent outdoors where i long to be most of the time anyway.  so there you have it.....facebook hiatus.  i feel lighter already.

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