Wednesday, May 16, 2012


in chicago, april 2012

it's 11:34 a.m. and i want a mint mojito BAD.....but it has to be in a mason jar with fresh mint, otherwise i don't want one.  i blame pinterest ....i wouldn't have nearly as many cravings a day without this site to indulge in.  i don't watch tv, so no commercials to persuade me i need this or that...other than the annoying ones that play during pandora Pinterest steps in and makes me want all sorts of things i never knew i wanted.

i have been listening to Ma Muse 's Glorious song over and over the past two days.....this is my way.  i will listen to the same cd or song repeatedly and then move on.

i showered this morning and then immediately put on my swimsuit....just in case.   this is the way it is for this georgia girl, and the way it will continue to be until the end of september probably.  always, always be prepared for the possibility of reprieve from the heat.

i want to start a nonprofit or kickstarter fund to buy yarn and crochet scarves for the needy....i like the idea of thinking about love while making a hat or scarf....because let's face it, crocheting something can only be a labor of love....

so far today all i have had is blackberries, raspberries, an orange, a peach, an apple with peanut butter......this much fruit can't be good eh?.....i can't help myself.

...and i'm off to make more jewelry for the etsy shop, new earrings have been listed this week.  

have a great day!

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