Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what i have learned and how i have changed....

~ you have to find balance in yourself....constantly maintain it.....find your center

~i once loved shopping malls, now i love thrift stores

~i compare myself less to other women now...i'm happier for it ( it still happens when i'm feeling low )

~instead of comparing yourself to other women / people, we must learn to celebrate our differences....if someone is beautiful or has better legs or boobs or eyes or jobs or whatever, embrace it and be happy for them...don't resent anyone for what they have, because guaranteed there is *SOMETHING* they don't like about themselves. we are all struggling with the same things.

~let go when you to dance even though life is stressful.

~dancing it out really does help

~pay attention


~realize that there is always more than meets the eye...when it comes to situations, people, life

~strive to find joy.......claw at it...fight for it......learn to see it and seize it when it comes your way.....create a source of joy.......

~LOVE LOVE LOVE with all your heart..............ALWAYS keep your heart open ....even when things can bring you anyway.

~learn your limits.....eliminate and cast aside people and things that push your limits in a negative way.

~always keep learning

~you can be afraid of change, but embrace change anyway

~push your comfort zones whenever you leads to a happier life and soul

~find your tribe.....maintain it....appreciate it.....nurture it even when you think you don't have the time

~love your friends, your the world you live in

~don't litter.....EVER.....pick up trash if you see it

~gossip taint yourself and your life and the world around you by doing so.....i know, i know....sometimes it's easy to fall into it and participate in it...but actively try not to

~dream big. never stop dreaming. but also learn to love what you have....

~don't take yourself too seriously.....laugh at yourself as much as you can. believe me on this one...i practice it daily :)

i can't even begin to *really* describe how much i have changed over the past decade. i love getting older....i love growing more comfortable with who i am....i love that every year i ease more into myself......the older i get, the more i love life and see that there is beauty even with all the struggles of it.

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