Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ready to fight...

Getting to a place of simplicity isn't easy.   It's been a long path of obstacles, hidden agendas, falling over, mistakes, forgotten paths, distractions, etc.......
All of this usually happens when i lose focus....when i look the other way even for a second.  Living a life of simplicity and minimalism takes practice and diligence..........then after awhile, it becomes all you want...you are less distracted by this or that gadget......you begin to crave open roads, pastures, fields, sunshine, books, silence, adventure, etc....at least i do.  i always have craved these things, but even more now.  with every thing i get rid of, the more my soul's desire comes floating to the top...pushing through....i see what i want more clearly.

With each of us, we carry certain burdens....the things we regret or could have done differently....relationships we wish we had never gotten into...or whatever it is for you.....there ARE setbacks...there will ALWAYS be setbacks......the worst one is the 'what if'....or 'one day'......"one day things will change",  "one day i'll have my dream job",  "what if i had done this instead of that"..............blah blah blah.   I'm so tired of telling myself that....you should be too. 
What one thing can you do today that will jump start the "what if"..or the "could be"...of the "some day" ?   go and do it.  now.  we owe it to ourselves, TO LIFE...to do something about what we crave in our souls......we HAVE to.   screw fear....find a way to make it work, and fight for it....i got my boxing gloves on and i'm ready to push through barbed wire to get what i want.   are you?

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  1. This is serendipity! I needed to read this. For too many reasons to list I have been grappling with the "what if" monster and the "if only" demon too. These guys are both dream killers. I am with you. Boxing gloves on and one thought- I deserve to live and be happy. I am worth it! Thank you for the reassurance and good thoughts! SCREW FEAR!