Monday, August 16, 2010

freedoms of not owning a car....

i'm thinking of living in a location that makes it easy for me to bike or not need a car so much.....with my car in desperate shape and having so many expenses to getting it fixed, insurance, etc....i'd love another alternative.....i just read about this...Zipcar.....AMAZING.  

i am normally one who loves the freedom of having a car.  lately though, i just haven't had one that runs it made me think of not owning one and what that would be like.  of course, i would need to live somewhere that makes not owning one possible.   this is all still under consideration...but i like the idea of it for many reasons....

~getting healthier from walking and biking 
~no car insurance, gas cost, keeping it fixed
~no oil consumption....healthier for the environment
~less chance of dying in a car accident
~no road rage...yes i have it ....not extreme of course, but yes i fuss a lot
~forces me to rethink how i go about my day ...getting things done
~slows everything down....
~etc etc

i have ALWAYS thought there was more freedom in having a car, and now i suddenly see the freedom in NOT having one.  

so much is changing.

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