Saturday, July 7, 2012

travel channel and food network had a baby

i have learned that i have immense patience with food and animals....humans?...yeah not so much.   it's not that i *don't* have patience with humans, it's just that i have MUCH more with animals and prepping food.

so, on that note,  i am making Spanakopita....using phyllo dough for the first time ever.  i feel like i'm lightly coating paper with olive oil....and then preparing to cook it.  it feels all sorts of odd.

also,i feel like i should be on a food network show...or travel channel......or maybe travel channel and food network had a baby and TADA, i am it!! i'm making something greek, while listening to cuban, while drinking something mexican, while also drinking something from florida, while using ingredients from's all too ridiculous :)...ridiculous good. and to top it off...i'm over the top southern.

(to update, i have lost electricity two nights in a row, SO i am one scarf behind on the scarf a day for charity until august 5th - my bday....will catch up this weekend though...and will post scarves i have made as well next week)

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