Thursday, July 5, 2012

in addition to....i give the gift of giving back for my birthday

in addition to my recent post....

today is exactly one month until my birthday.   starting today, i will be crocheting a scarf (or two) a day to give to original thought was that i would do 34 scarves by august 5th and then take them to a shelter as a birthday gift to i'm dreaming bigger than this.  more updates as the next month goes on......i will try to take a picture and post about it every day.  i like the idea of crocheting scarves because not only is it handmade, but it is functional and can keep someone warm in the cold winter.

do you have anyone who might need a scarf?  do you know of a good charity to send to?  do you want to give a scarf away someone you pass by on the street every day?  ......message me or leave a comment and we can make this happen. 

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