Sunday, July 29, 2012

birthday life list

here it is.....a truth....
my birthday is in a few days and i intend on making a list of things i haven't done before but that i want to will be fairly simple things....not a HUGE life list, but it will be a list that makes my life more enriched.....yes there will be things like learn how to play the banjo...but it will be more simple things to start off with like BUY A BANJO...duh...i have "learn how to play banjo" on my life list already, but i've forgotten the main step, which is to have one to play.  first things first right?.....

go to a blues bar.
get a GREAT haircut.
get a massage...a real good LONG, make me cry kind of massage.
find a sunflower field, drive there, and take my picture in it. 

so far that's all i got...but i can do these things within the month....and maybe in within the week!!  like i say folks, life is in the simple things. 

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