Tuesday, July 3, 2012

comparison is the thief of joy

our biggest downfall is comparing who we are to another....comparing our lifestyle to another one....comparing our hair to other hair.....comparing what we drive to what another person drives...comparing our income to another income...comparing our family to another...and the comparisons go on and on.  it's absurd.  we all are so different, yet so many of us think we are supposed to fit into this little ideal package of what life is supposed to look like.  this has NOTHING to do with joy.  this has NOTHING to do with our own free will to see life as something to love not hate.   this has NOTHING to do with choosing to live our day in a kind way.

would i love to have more money? yes.  would i love to drive a great car? yes.  would i love to be able to jet off on some island vacation whenever i want? of course yes.  do i let any of these things hold me back? no.  do i let what my life "lacks" determine my joy? heck no.  do i go about my day seeking out joyful moments? heck yes.  do i choose to make the most of what i have?  double heck yes.   am i determined to keep a positive attitude no matter the circumstances i am in?  duh.

so,  what we own or don't own has no relevance on the joy we choose to experience.   it's a simple as that.

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