Tuesday, January 24, 2012



i have been in a constant state of movement since january 17th; i took the train from atlanta to penn station in new york city....then flew on a plane from there to los angeles.....movement movement movement.  considering that movement / leap / engage / freedom have been the words floating around for 2012 i assume i am right where i wanted to be.  it's hard to take a moment to think and marinate on where you are in the midst of travel, especially when the movement is consistent. 
getting out of the busyness of new york city has certainly helped...the energy of the city sweeps you up in it....like a river...

winding down a bit today....just got done "whipping up" some ingredients to add to the crockpot.  "whipping up" for me is taking my time, switching music, slowly chopping, cooking, adding, measuring....with a bit of dancing, singing, dilly-dallying in between.  cooking...it grounds me;  feeling more myself now that i have all week.  i don't necessarily think traveling and "feeling yourself" goes hand in hand...at least it doesn't for me.  it takes a bit of time for me to settle into the change...which is why i am not one for quick trips...i need a bit of time away from home in order to get reacquainted with change....to flow with it......FLOW...another one of my words for 2012.

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  1. I like to ground in cooking also. It was great seeing you in NYC. Hope you have lots of fun in Cali.