Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leap and engage...


2012 is going to be about celebrating LIFE.  celebrating life and all it's simple pleasures has always been something i am fond of and practice....but do i ENGAGE life? i seek out new experiences, travels, connections, etc? a degree i do....but from the comfort of my comfort zone.  2012 is leaping outside of that place....i will engage in experiences.  i will engage conversations.  i will engage new modes of transportation.  i will engage in learning what i don't know.  i will break past boundaries.  i will free myself from constraints.  i will say YES instead of saying no.  i will say NO instead of saying YES.  i will fix food that makes my body scream YES YES YES to the pure ecstacy of alivening it's senses.  i will dance to music like there is no tomorrow.  i will build fires and howl at the moon.   i will follow where my heart leads me.  i will make rainbows when i leap. 

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