Thursday, January 5, 2012



I have had certain words leaping their way into my mind the past few days:


and various other ones that have come in and lingered.

All of these words have me thinking....and also wondering what words come into your mind often?..or as the new year begins?

I was quite surprised to have 'receive' and 'grace' pop up, but when I started pondering them I understood that I have issues with accepting with grace someone's offering of help/assistance/etc.  I might not show it on the outside, but inside I cringe a little....don't get me wrong, I am always moved and feel gratitude...but those shadow emotions of anxiety, obligation to pay them back somehow, sorta feeling like a failure because I need or get help...all these crazy emotions come up.

Soooo, in order to teach myself how to receive with more grace...I want to extend an offering to all of you out there.  My thought is that the more I give, maybe the more I will be able to receive without the shadow feelings surfacing.
I want you to throw out the words that pop up for you...OR give me your word for 2012.   On Monday morning, the 9th, I will write your names on a slip of paper, put in a jar, and draw out one.   The winner will receive a free pair of earrings from my Etsy Shop.

I have another project that I am working on to give back while I am traveling.  It involves guerilla art, random acts of kindness, giving a scarf away on the train after I am done crocheting it...etc.   The time is NOW....move forward, steady movement, planned leaps, freedom travel.....

so comment your word/words to win a pair of earrings :)


  1. my words for 2012 are Holistic Fitness- my goal is to bring all areas of my life into healthy alignment!

  2. My words would be.....Justice....Abundance For All....Peace....COMPASSION...Healthcare For All...Unity....99%

    Ok...I'm a big time Progressive and believe that's the way for the human race to survive and achieve true happiness ... we are all one.

    Happiness, Peace and Abundance to ALL !