Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Release to Party

Release to Party, originally uploaded by Steve Hopson.

so, my word of the 2011 year started out being Release....which i haven't been doing enough was supposed to be release and emerge, with the emerge part coming into play the 2nd part of the year....but here i am still in the release part of it.
this week has changed some things...not sure why. maybe it isn't even "this week"'s just this week that it's all shifted into place.

i am finally willing to release some of the crafty stuff i have. supplies that i don't use must go...even if i might use it one day. i don't use it enough to keep it. truth is, i WANT to get back to a simple way of creating and doing things. i am tired of being a consumer.....i am tired of having things...even supplies. i never thought i would get to that point. even my idea of being creative has shifted and changed.

what has become important to me isn't what i ever thought would. not that it wasn't a love's just become a source of peace and deep joy for me, slicing, dicing veggies, starting seeds, gardening, planting, taking photos.............

the things that have shifted and either fizzled away or have gotten placed way in the back of priorities have been having things....all these things i have accumulated to put in a home....the things i have that "organize", a ton of clothes/shoes, ridiculous amounts of kitchenware to throw these dinner parties that i haven't thrown in years. even the desire of having a house has changed.....maybe it's because my attachment to things and wanting things has slowly faded, and now needing a place to have all this isn't as important anymore. don't get me wrong, i still want a nook that i can have things i love......but my idea of this has changed.
what was important a few years ago was having the perfect plates, cups, serving trays ...the things needed to create a festive environment.....this has become not as important, rather it's focusing on having the great guests ....surrounding myself with good people, good music, good food.....

i have learned to focus on the substance on life, rather than the package...if that makes sense.

anyway, this is where i am right now......and i like it.


  1. Sounds like the perfect place for you to be right now!! :)

  2. I love your blog! I'm totally picking up what you are throwin' down :-)