Wednesday, June 8, 2011

hour of new clarity...

jasper stone ring, originally uploaded by My Soul Can Dance.
"You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born. Fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens. Just wait for the birth, for the the hour of the new clarity."
— Rainer Maria Rilke

clarity...this elusive thing in my life. the more i simplify the more clear i get on what i DON'T want in life....
i'm conflicted. i want this, i want that. i want to be here, i want to be there.
what i do know is that i want to begin again. let go of what was....

i'm having a big sale in the shop right now....marked down tons of earrings and necklaces. i need that release. i need to let go of stuff. i need to move this stuff on so i can see what it is i want now.....what i want to create with my see what happens now.

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