Thursday, June 9, 2011


early morning lake day, originally uploaded by My Soul Can Dance.


hopefully at some point we begin to accept who we are, what we look like.....and cast away all that we will never be....we accept what we think are our "flaws"...and then we can begin to get on with life.
things i've started to accept....
i will never have a small nose. hehe. i have the nose i have.....move on.
my skin will never be perfectly clear....i might not have perfect skin, but i do have thick full hair that i should be happy for....but honestly, who cares right?.....
in younger years i would look at a mirror and see what i didn't like.....of course i would also see what i did, but more often than not, i saw what i thought were my flaws. i still do....especially getting older.....
i'm learning to be gentle with myself. My thoughts aren't with outside appearance's in the real stuff...."how kind was i today?....did i laugh? can i bring more joy into my life and others?...."

More often than not though, the mirror doesn't see my face that much anymore. I just am who I am. What a waste of time it is to wish you had someone else's features instead of your own.

If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.
- Johann von Goethe


  1. Oh are you right or what?! I so agree. I'm learning this lesson now and it's a wonderful lesson to learn :)

  2. how true this is...i'm on a journey of self-acceptance. one thing that has helped is looking back at my ancestors and seeing whose features i have. it makes you sort of proud then. :)