Monday, June 20, 2011


june 17 sunset, originally uploaded by My Soul Can Dance.

i am trying to find balance in my life. i have now set a work schedule that i want to abide by in order to do the stuff i want to do....simple things like yard work, watch a movie, go pick blackberries, hang out with friends, paint my nails, read a book, give more solid time for learning a new language..or a new instrument...etc....

i always feel like i have to work work work to make money....and if enough isn't coming in i work even more. i can't live that life anymore. i have to give my life room....i have to give *myself* room to roam about, discover new interests or to pursue the things i want more experience in.

i took a weekend off of facebook and the internet in order to regain some perspective. if i am not working in the shop, i refuse to give any extra time that i actually do have to facebook. that isn't life. for right now i am not deactivating my facebook account....i do like it for staying connected...but i will not be logged on all the time like i have been. when i'm working, i will be working....when i'm playing, i will be more multi-tasking constantly. it doesn't give me a sense of calm.

my weekend was spent cooking really yummy meals, hanging out with friends, playing games, throwing out wildflower seeds anywhere i could, watching some of the first season of Brothers and Sisters on netflix, i organized the kitchen cabinets, rearranged and created a new look... the list goes on and on. i was really really happy. i even enjoyed the rainy stormy weather.

right now i am going through some of my stuff that has been packed up that i intended on keeping....but with all this 'letting go' i feel like i am quite ready to release even more.

i am looking forward to some changes....

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