Friday, June 11, 2010

manifest this AND that!

"i wanna buy an rv, travel...taking photos, hearing stories, making videos/documentaries, spreading random acts of kindness. manifest that!" -----this was my facebook/twitter status update at 10:58 a.m. 6/11/2010. and i meant it....still do.

what have i preached to myself for years? envision....manifest....say it your truth.....follow your bliss.....all these phrases/mantras with the same meaning. have i done it? in some ways, yes....and in a lot of ways, no. am i as brave as i could be? no. do i talk a lot? yes. when i say simplify to myself and others do i actually hard core simplify? no...although this is in the process of changing. do i have good intentions? yes. should i risk more...go out on a limb more? yes, no, maybe.

if i have a that doesn't hurt anyone or anything....should i always try my best to follow it and make it happen? wouldn't the best thing be to make it happen so i can find out one way or another if it's my bliss or not?....that way i can say i've been there, done that....that way it makes room for more dreams rather than 'what if/could've been/could be/if only....

what role do i play in the grand scheme of things? what mark will i make? will i fly under the radar, or will i go bold and reach as far as the eye can see plus more?

i'm set in motion.

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