Friday, June 4, 2010

make your own rules...

break the mold...the one you created for yourself...and most certainly the one others created for you.

make it matter.

find *your* joy.

seek your truth...and then live it.

go with the flow...and then sometimes when necessary against the current.

learn that you have to make your own rules at times. it's your life, no one else's.

above all, be kind. be kind to yourself. be kind to others. be kind to mother earth, it is her that keeps your life in existence...honor that, respect it, give back to her. plant a tree, plant flowers, pick up your trash, recycle, use natural ingredients, conserve, use less, reduce your consumption. i can't stress this point enough. if you have respect and are grateful for the world around you, everything else can fall into place. if you don't learn this, your life will never be as joyful as it could be.


  1. YES!
    to kindness
    & to flowers shooting up
    from the earth
    & to dancing
    in these places
    & resting
    & saying thank you
    & to sending you a hug
    for your pretty blog & pretty you.xo

  2. i just wish i didn't have REMIND myself so much to do it! the world just goes around better with a good dose of kindness!

  3. least you are aware enough to remind yourself....some people don't even think about it all. i have to remind myself too....we all lose perspective at times :)