Thursday, December 29, 2011

random thoughts...

Random thoughts...

I woke up this morning saying "sun salutation!" made me giggle.  I don't remember the dream I was having, so it makes it all the more funny that i woke up saying it. 

My grocery lists are now made on my iphone instead of scraps of paper.  There is no satisfaction though scratching an item off when I add it to the grocery cart.  On the plus side, I am usually fussing at myself because I bring the list but forget to bring a pen,  so this moment is non-existent now....but then so are the satisfying thrills of crossing something off my list. 

I plan things but then usually dread them.  I don't dread the actual *things* or events...but I dread the preparation of them.  I truly believe getting rid of more possessions will eliminate this dread immensely. 

When it's sunny outside, I could sit and stare out at it forever...I become dazed and hypnotized by nature.
I am at peace and content in those moments.  It all seems to make sense.

a truth ~  i am writing this list instead of heading to the post office.

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