Sunday, November 14, 2010

creative pursuits project....

FOOD.  food food food.  it seduces me.

I have been on a mission....a creative pursuit.  I picked three things that i feel are passions of mine or something i can explore is the main one right now.  I make something new everyday.....whether it's italian, polynesian, chinese, indian, mexican,  any of it i will try.
Today it is Coconut Curried Chicken Wings......though i am slow cooking them all day on the woodstove, so i changed up the recipe a bit and added coconut milk, more flavorings, etc. 

The reason behind this project is to expand my horizons.....experiment with life.....excite my senses.....make new connections with things i haven't tried before.    I am trying to make these 3 things something that i normally do anyway....eating and cooking being one of them of course.   The idea also is to add more skills/talents to my life as with creativity in every area of my life.

What are your 3 things?

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  1. I am a new beekeeper (since March)
    I have a camera that is smarter than me, and i want to 'catch-up' with it...and #3 I am connecting with The Creator through His Word....;0) I am satisfied..content...