Monday, February 1, 2010

more color please!

(cupcake picks i made last night)

i want to write a children's book. i always have. i remember growing up fascinated with Dr. Suess books...i can clearly and vividly remember turning each page knowing those books were magical.
i love kids laughter. i love how imaginative they can be. i love pretending. i love being so absorbed in a story that you've created in your head...make believe...that is magic. the ability to hold onto to that as an adult is even more magical. i love children's decor, the way industries make their clothes, how colorful and bright and happy they are. why don't we do this for adults? why do things become more subdued and less outrageous?
this will not be so with my life!


  1. these cupcake picks are darling! i have to try them!

  2. there are so much fun! but a warning, you WILL want cupcakes constantly when you start making them!

  3. i too love these! & would also loooove to see a children's book from you!! here's to dreaming & being our gorgeous selves! lol.

  4. yes yes rachel!! here's to dreaming!! :) or rather making dreams into realities! :)