Friday, February 26, 2010


i am ridiculous in love with making these alcohol ink tiles. how amazingly bold are these? i have been looking all my life for something like this to make. sooo happy with the colors. you know what i love the best about this crafy project? i LOVE that the colors pretty much do what they want. I love how i can have a "plan" of how i want it to turn out, but it almost never quite turns out that way. There is something liberating about that. I think just knowing from the start that it won't turn out like planned it somehow sets you free to just make and make and splash on colors, any colors, to try anything and everything. I am still having fun with them...and can't wait for warmer weather, to get outside and do some projects with these tiles....but will it ever get warm again?

i've started listing some of the tiles in the Etsy shop already....yay!!

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