Tuesday, September 20, 2011

here ya go stomach...i'm all yours....

Vegetables, originally uploaded by kamomebird (very busy).

FACT: i spend most of my time thinking about my stomach. growing up and even into recent years i have worried about what i eat and how it will affect my stomach / body. actually i take that back....when i was younger i didn't worry about it.....so in turn i always had stomach aches.....ALWAYS. eventually i learned i had to pay attention to what i was consuming.....i learned what not to eat when....i could drink milk but not first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach...and only one glass, any more would surely send my stomach into knots and twists and make me feel ill. sweet tea was a no-no unless i was eating a meal...then no more after the meal was done. it's pretty ridiculous. no spicy foods at all.....my tummy can not take the heat. one bite is all it takes. ...and so the story goes ....

for no apparent reason my stomach still turns at various things....but i'm learning the more earthy and natural, the better. stick with vegetables, fruits, and simplicity and i'm good. so begins my food journey into vegan and vegetarian recipes. my goal is vegan, but realistically vegetarian is where i can find common ground with the part of me that craves bacon almost constantly.....errrr constantly.

i am of the southern variety, so flavoring with bacon is a staple.....so this will be hard habit to change. i start a lot of meals off with sizzling some turkey bacon and garlic and then the rest of the meal begins.... not *always*, but a lot of the time bacon is a staple ingredient in my meals. (and don't even get me started with cheese)

i'm headed to the farmers market today to grab up some goodies and we'll start this journey. i feel like i need a life coach whispering sweet nothings into my ear "your stomach will thank you, your stomach will thank you, your stomach will thank you
.......in reality, my organs/skin/arteries/mood/energy level/etc will all be thanking me.......but it's too soon to take a bow and congratulate myself now.....but don't you worry, i am already practicing my acceptance speech.

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  1. Oh, those vegetables look so good. Here in central Florida, I have to say for the most part the farmer's markets are terrible. I'm originally from New York and although we lived just north of the Bronx, my Dad had an organic garden when it wasn't in vogue. All of the vegetables were so good and here they are just awful ... it must be the seeds they are using. The tomatoes are just terrible ... especially when I think about how good my Dad's were. Good luck on the vegetarian thing....not for me....I do believe in the circle of life. But we don't eat a ton of meat and at most once a day.
    Love and Light,