Friday, September 23, 2011

and we'll be swinging....

Tire Swing, originally uploaded by AlysonUnAverage.
random thoughts....

~still not eating meat. this is proving harder than i thought....ESPECIALLY when i dream about freezers full of meat every night.

~not buying any more jewelry supplies has proved to be very freeing and making me feel at peace.......also clearing out the Etsy shop is also proving to be freeing and making me feel that much more headed in the right direction. time for change.

~open windows and doors keeps me from feeling boxed in while i'm indoors. i'm just not an indoor kind of girl.

~it turns out 3 pillows are just right....what was i thinking with using 5??? oh silly me.

~how does one get over their bacon cravings? you tell me this and i will think you are genius.

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