Sunday, July 11, 2010

what summer is....

summer isn't quite what i thought it would be....but it's still, sunny, and bodies of water everywhere i look, so it can't be that bad right?

...and did i mention lots of popsicles and ice cream sandwiches? yep. indeed.

So it's been a crazy busy few weeks. I am playing catch up....trying to maintain my equilibrium amidst the chaos. I haven't really slowed down at all, but somehow i still can't do everything i need to do.

It's Sunday, and supposed to be a day of rest, but how can i rest when there is a 'silly summer of fun' list to be accomplished....a 'mission' to complete, popsicles to eat.....lakes to jump in, pictures to take, dirt roads to walk down, margaritas to be does one accomplish all this in one day!? i'm gonna be a busy busy girl today. wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. My summer has been similar...busy busy busy...but so fun fun fun!!!