Friday, May 21, 2010

what i need....

...from my life right now is more simplicity....less things, more space.....more room to breathe and think and dance and do cartwheels if i want. less dishes, more fruit. less pillows, more room to stretch out. less furniture, more room for a dance floor. less books i have hung onto forever, more space for relevant books that come my way at just the right time to teach just the right lesson and then let them go to someone else.

i have never been more in a letting go phase than i am right now. it consumes my every thought and moment. i am always looking for more to clear out. it's necessary. i have been afraid to let go of the things i love because i fear lack of money to buy new things if i need them, i am scared if i let go of these things that identify me, how will others know "who i am" when they enter my home. will i appear boring?.......will the emptiness of it all make me go crazy?.....will i regret this when this phase fades away......

THINGS MEAN NOTHING. only keep what you need. what you love. who you love. let go of EVERYTHING ELSE. life and time should be spent enjoying what you can, not dusting off things, friendships that are stale, habits that die hard.............find out what you don't need and let go of it. strangely enough, as time has gone on and i have let go of more, i feel even more grounded...i feel roots beginning to grow and i just all around feel stronger. i am learning to trust in myself and not in things....i am beginning to feel the power of simplicity.....


  1. The hard part is letting go.....I have too many things...I always think that one day I can do this, make this, change that,etc. So even junk i don't let go! Nice blog! Patsy from

  2. i am WITH YOU.
    in fact, yesterday
    i bought a
    bag of oranges.
    cheers together
    to the best
    pulp. xox

  3. i was going to comment to on your
    silly being yourself post
    but don't see a spot to do so
    will add one here
    a huge hug
    to your silly
    being yourself
    & i