Friday, April 2, 2010

what i keep telling myself...

How can anything new come into your life when you won't let go of the old, or what doesn't fit you or your life anymore, or what doesn't inspire you anymore, or what just isn't working?
I am still going through all my belongings, my art supply stash, seems right when I get it situated the way I want it, I seem to find other things that I can get rid of. I guess I have changed into a more simplistic girl without me even realizing it. I envision my home in a beachy cottage, mostly white with splashes of color...very simple and comfortable. Anyway, I am off to clearance more, and add to the pile of goodwill/yard sale stash.

Take a look at my Etsy shop, which has EVERYTHING clearanced....massive amount of earrings under 5 dollars.

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